So You Want to Own a Yacht Charter Business

Owning a Yacht Charter Business:

BVI Catamaran Charters

Let The Good Times Roll!

Thinking of buying a luxury yacht and chartering it when you aren’t using it for your own pleasure?

Ah, the good life.  You’ve just come off a fabulous yacht charter in the British Virgins Islands. Great food, great drinks and overall fun in the sun.

Questions? Call Andrew on 800-478-2029 or +1 954-720-0475.

Maybe you were so enthralled with the experience that now you might be thinking what a great business it might be to own. Living in paradise, where your home is your business, getting paid to sail your catamaran through out the Caribbean entertaining your guests, fishing and generally having fun.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Quest Catamaran Sailing Vacation Charters

Sailing Yacht ‘Quest’

Let me start by stating that we did just that. Sold the cars and house, closed my business and bought a catamaran sailboat. At first, it was a great escape, literally. In our native South Africa political and economic instability created a dangerous environment in which to raise our daughters and to continue running a successful architectural business.

It was only after sailing 6,000 miles across the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and living the vagabond life for two years, did we decide to turn our home into a yacht charter business. I tell you this so you know that I understand the urge to escape away from it all!

If you want to buy a fantastic boat – buy a luxury sailing catamaran. They are stable, large and cruise through the water like its dancing on its toes and easier to maintain.

If you don’t want to own a luxury catamaran but would still like to live the dream on a fully crewed yacht charter, call us about your taking a private yacht charter vacation on a catamaran sailboat.  Call us today and reserve your full moon today on 800-478-2029 or visit on the web.

Here are a few thoughts that you might consider as you begin your journey in deciding whether or not this is a business you really want to proceed in pursuing this type of business.

When setting up a yacht charter business, you’ll first want to decide what type of yacht you’d like to operate. There are 3 types of vessels to consider:  catamaran sailboats,  power boats and the traditional mono-hull sailing yachts.

Caribbean Yacht Charter

Easy Living on a Catamaran Sailboat.

Let’s start with the catamaran sailboat as it usually has less maintenance and also can generate higher gross revenues during a season.  Keep in mind that various sized catamarans can gross different amounts of revenue.

As an example, 45 foot catamarans normally have 3 cabins and will  accommodate up to six (6) guests. Rates will run the clients about $12,000 for all-inclusive 7 day charter.  Booking 18-20 charters a year means you could expect grossing $200,000 – $224,000 during each year’s yacht charter season. Remember, you can have this many charters as long as you are based in the right location. Don’t forget the three rules – location, location, location!

Caribbean Catamaran Charters

The 70′ Beauty ‘Aletheia’ Catamaran

The 58 foot to 60 foot catamarans normally sleep 8 guests and as such you might expect  to gross around $320,000 or more each season.  The bigger catamarans can sleep 10 guests will gross as much as $430,000 per season.  These 67′ + private yachts need to be based in the thick of islands to catch the maximum number of ‘high end’ clients.

Motor Yacht Charters

178′ Super Yacht ‘Starfire’

Looking at power yachts, they do have higher maintenance costs and size also impacts the profit margins.  There are many variables when it comes to chartering power boats, both old and new.  Rates for old and new power yachts differ greatly as do the needs of the size of crew needed to operate these motor yachts will impact the selling price of a charter.  It’s not uncommon that the owners of the larger yachts are wealthier gentlemen and ladies. Many of the owners are not looking at chartering their private yachts as a profit generator but rather to offset some of the operating expenses and maintenance costs.

Sailing Vacations

Parlak M Luxury Sailing Yacht

Now lets take a quick look at the traditional sailboats for a yacht charter business. I feel that the day of the sailing yacht is gone and would not suggest operating them when just starting a yacht charter business. Why? Because they are narrow, can be a rough ride and the interior space is limited.  Sailing yachts appeal to the more adventurous of our sport as they are fast and exciting.

Unfortunately, a small minority of the clients looking at yacht charter vacations today are expressing interest in these boats. A word of caution, unless a sailing yacht is sleek, new and at least 100 feet in length, it’s not going to be a good candidate for a yacht charter business.

Fly Bridge Catamarans

Today more than ever, guests are asking for a fly bridge catamaran for a few good reasons. In the past, catamarans only had shades for cover the cockpits.  Over time those developed into solid fiberglass roofs and when the 76′ Akasha was launched, she was the first catamaran to arrive with a fly bridge over the cockpit.

akasha catamaran sailboat vacations

The Akasha 76′ of Luxury

These days every catamaran 58 feet and over are manufactured with a fly bridge.  Guests love to hangout on the roof and a top the fly bridge as it gives height and a lovely perspective relative to your position over the water.  The fly bridge catamaran today adds sleek lines, has more volume and larger daytime space for your guests to enjoy.

While you are considering whether or not the yacht charter business is right for you, let me remind you that it is indeed, a business. In order for most businesses to succeed they often require effort, sometimes long hours, persistence and a love of what you do. If it were easy, anybody could do it, right?

If you’d like to know more about the luxury yacht charter business, feel free to contact me and I’ll regale you stories, both good and bad about my 5 years as an owner/operator/captain of my own Caribbean catamaran charter business. I can be reached on 1 800-478-2029 or international callers use +1 954-478-2029 or Email us.

Yacht Charter Business

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Andrew Buys has been assisting happy clients with their Fully Crewed Power Yachts and Catamaran Sailing Vacations Charter since 1995. Call Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. 800-478-2029 or visit on the web @ and discover how much does it cost to charter a private luxury yacht.
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