Snorkeling on a Caribbean Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Snorkeling on Fully Crewed Catamaran Sailing Vacations

British Virgin Islands Charter VacationA Catamaran Charter Captain’s True Tales of Snorkeling in the BVIs.

My wife Gaile and I were captain and chef on board our own private BVI catamaran charter vessel in the 1990’s. One day I had taken my private charter guests to snorkel around the famous Indians. It would be normal practice to go in front and snorkel down to point out Flamingo Tongue snails and other out of the ordinary sea life so the charter guests could go “AAAH” in delight.

In those BVI yacht charter days, I could easily snorkel down 60 feet using one breath, and that came from practice to catch lobster for the guests. The visibility on this particular day was magnificent, at least 70 feet in all directions. While snorkeling, I turned around the one corner and saw a group of 10 scuba divers down below in the distance roughly at 25-30 feet down deep; they were all possibly being taught to scuba.

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Olga Motor YachtI held my party back and asked them to watch me go around this corner well below the scuba divers, and my group should watch the scuba divers’ reactions, if any. My guests remained at the surface as they always did.

We waited until the right moment, and I went down to roughly 40 feet, well below the scuba divers, and only at 40 feet did I turn and go around the corner towards the scuba divers to see me in the distance.

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Once I was in place, the guests, on the surface, also turned the corner to see all of us. I made out as if I did not see the scuba divers for the first few seconds and was interested in looking at a coral head in front of me, then I glided upwards towards them, and I saw 2 of them look in disbelief at their depth gauge.

Yachts Charters in TortolaThe one gentleman I approached looked at his depth gauge three times in disbelief. I made the sign language call for air, which is a finger/hand motion cutting my jugular vein, and he said, “No way,” so I swam past all of them and then turned for the surface.

After a big gulp of air, we all laughed out loud.  These are the typical things only private catamaran charter guests would see.

A Bahamas catamaran charter, or a Greek catamaran charter is exactly what our guests would enjoy, so no matter where you wish to charter, call me or my staff and have us guide you to the best charter yacht with the very best charter captain and crew team.  I know all of them, and all the owners of professional charter yachts know Barrington-Hall Corp.

Snorkeling again with more guests.

Caribbean Catamaran Charters in BVIWhen we discuss private Caribbean motor yachts, or BVI crewed Caribbean catamaran yachts chartering, there has never been a shark attack in the British Virgin Islands or the United States Virgin Islands.

Apart from nurse sharks, I have not seen any sharks in 5 years of being a captain and snorkeling every day in 40-100 feet of water. So guests who consider a Virgin Island catamaran yacht charter can relax; you are as safe as can possibly be.

The reason we believe there have not been any shark attacks is that 1 mile from Peter Island out to sea is a 7,000 foot drop off, which we feel creates a bathtub effect. The sharks keep in the deep water and never (if ever) venture in to 50 meters of water in and around the Virgin Islands. So although it is 150 feet in many places in the Virgin Islands, it is virtually shark-less.

Caribbean Yacht ChartersOne wonderfully clear day, we were snorkeling in 40 feet of water with all my guests just behind me. I snorkeled down to the seabed where I could see a large ledge which could also be the opening of a large elongated opening underneath.

Once down, I could see a 6 foot nurse shark relaxing in the entire cave; I turned and glided up towards the surface.

It is here where I removed my mask and said, “Who wants to see a big shark? Not to worry, it is only a nurse shark and has no teeth, just gums, so everyone is safe.”  “OK, let’s see the shark.”

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The decision was made, and I turned, took 4 deep breaths, and descended to the sea bed, looking for a stick to prod the shark with. OOPS, no stick; then I saw a stick and picked it up. It was the main branch of a soft coral, and as I touched it, it bent. OK, so that is not going to work. I decided to touch the shark’s tail, so I went into the cave where the end of the tail was and reached out to touch the tail. Brave man. As my finger was about to touch the tail, it sped out of there at 100 miles per hour and slowed down after 20 yards to idle away to yet another cave.

Popping through the water surface I gulped the first mouthful of fresh air, the words were, “ AAAAH, that was awesome.”  So all of us saw the nurse shark swim into the distance, and our snorkeling resumed.

Sailboat VacationsA private yacht charter experience is very different from a resort, because your white beach with coconut palms is all around you. It is mandatory for cruise ships to travel whether the weather is good or bad; they need to remain on schedule.

A private catamaran yacht charter is planned to be where many islands protect our guests if the wind blows, and nothing does this better than a volcanic green island stretching 800 to 1,000 feet above the lagoon where guests are enjoying their vacation.

This is where having the best charter broker representing you is another detail which is critical to guests experience.

Barrington Hall Yacht Charters is a premier luxury yacht charter broker. We focus our attention on the elite whose mind set that demands the very best in luxury while on board a crewed yacht. Experiences on a ultimate luxury vacation on board a private crewed yacht charter.  Call 800-478-2029 or 954-720-0475.

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