What’s a Yacht Charter Vacation Really Like?

Yacht Charter Vacations – Paradise Found

Charter Private YachtImagine being greeted at the airport by your charter captain who carries your bags and drives you to your awaiting private yacht.

Your fully provisioned chartered yacht crew is waiting to welcome you. Included in the welcoming committee is your personal chef who will be preparing the delicious meals you selected in your food and bar preference sheets in the weeks prior to the start of this luxurious and exciting private yacht vacation.

So far, so good, right?

Motor Yacht LaBella IIThe crew stows away your luggage in your suite while you enjoy drinks and hor d’oeurves.

As the yacht gently pulls away from the docks, so begins your incredible week of discovery, world class cuisine, shopping, exploring uninhabited islands, secreted caves and coves, unfettered freedom, escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life with its schedules, meetings, phones, deadlines, school projects, soccer practice, homework – just to list of few of the things you won’t be doing while on this magnificent week in paradise.

You’re going to visit 7 picturesque islands or more in 7 days that are palm lined white sandy beaches, pirate’s caves, jagged mountains where you are the only people for miles and miles in every direction.

Olga Motor YachtFrom the sugar white-sand beaches of the Caribbean and the historic cities of the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of adventure awaiting you. Let your personal staff cater to your every need, allowing you to focus on the most important thing: your vacation!

Free Yacht Vacation Planning Assistance. Call 800-478-2029 today!

The daylight hours are spent relaxing or you can choose to be as active as you want to be. Imagine spending the day snorkeling and seeing a paradise underwater that is as beautiful and unique as the island retreats surrounding you above the turquoise water.

Perhaps you’d like to visit one of the bigger inhabited islands and take in a little retail therapy, enjoy a ‘Painkiller’ in one of the local bars.

Caribbean catamarans for charter vacationsMaybe you’d like being towed behind a speed boat on tubes, boogie boards and water skis. Would you like to fish, scuba dive, snorkel, swim or even sunbathe on an isolated cay with a libation in one hand and a good book in the other?

Ask us what the best week of the month is in any season and we’ll tell you that it’s the week of the full moon.  Image looking down into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as a full moon illuminates the sea bottom so clearly you can see your own shadow waving back at you.

Caribbean catamaran sailboat vacationsIn the evening when you return to your private yacht there is a wonderful dinner ready to be served to you. Lucky you, your chef is also a certified Sommelier and the wine pairings selected for you will delight your palette and whet your appetite for the scrumptious hand crafted desserts that will complete your excellent dinner.

After dinner, you make your way to the fly-bridge where after dinner cocktails are brought to you as you sit back with your feet up and be awed by the night sky illuminated by untold numbers of galaxies as the light from their billions of stars seem to shine only for you?

Ahh… your first day in paradise is complete. As you happily head to your private cabin for a wonderful night’s sleep you have a big grin on your face as you know there are 6 nights and 7 days left on your private yacht charter vacation.

catamaran-sailboat-vacationsSo how can you take a private yacht vacation that’s all-inclusive, where the views are always changing as you hop from island to island, the food is prepared by your personal chef.

You can explore uninhabited islands and cays, set sail in any direction you choose, create your own itinerary, have unlimited access to scuba diving, snorkeling, secluded palm-lined white sandy beaches, tropical drinks all without breaking the bank or spending the kid’s college fund?

Call us today for free yacht charter information on 800-478-2029.

British Virgin Islands ChartersOur all-inclusive crewed yacht charters are complete with captain and gourmet chef whether you choose a catamaran sailing vacation or a stunning motor yacht escape are an ideal way to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Step aboard one of our luxurious yachts and cruise to worldwide destinations the world behind.

Whether you are looking to enjoy the beautiful islands of the Caribbean and Bahamas Islands or perhaps a summer cruise along the Mediterranean coasts, Barrington Hall Yacht Charters can provide you with numerous options for your crewed luxury yacht charter vacations including Caribbean catamarans and British Virgin Islands motor yacht charters.

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About Luxury Motor Yacht and Catamaran Sailing Vacations

Andrew Buys has been assisting happy clients with their Fully Crewed Power Yachts and Catamaran Sailing Vacations Charter since 1995. Call Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. 800-478-2029 or visit on the web @ http://www.yachtsbhc.com and discover how much does it cost to charter a private luxury yacht.
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