Catamaran ‘Dreaming On’ for Family Sailing Vacations

Sailing Yacht Charters with Catamaran ‘Dreaming On’. 

Family Sailing Vacations for the Ultimate Caribbean Catamaran Charter Experience.

Dreaming On Luxury Sailing Catamaran Yacht Charters

Dreaming On Catamaran Sailing Vacations

What do most kids want to do while on vacation? Have lots of fun, of course.

Parents are encouraged to join their kids on a fun-filled catamaran sailing vacation that will never be forgotten.

Enjoy the luxury of a private yacht charter where all itineraries are determined by you and are totally flexible.  You decide where you want to go, what you want to see and it’ll be the crew’s pleasure to take you there.

Dream On‘ Captain Geoff & 1st Mate Iza are both very family-friendly and enjoy having children on board.  A few of the activities they engage the children in include swimming, kayaking, snorkeling (in search of Nemo), tubing, wake-boarding, knee-boarding, water-skiing, hunting for treasure on uninhabited islands, building sandcastles on white, sun-drenched sandy beaches and the telling of some tall pirate tales!

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If “One picture is worth a 1,000 words” what’s a video worth? Click on the image below to watch a video to see for yourself just how much fun you and the family can have on a private yacht vacation!

Dreaming On, is a  47′ Caribbean catamaran that was manufactured in 2003 and was designed to accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins that are fully-air-conditioned. Each stateroom is equipped with private bathrooms, vanities and showers.

Dreaming On Yacht Charters 

What about the adults?

You will be treated like royalty from beginning to end and you’ll have almost as much fun as the kids will.  Maybe you’re an experienced diver or maybe you’d like to learn. Deep sea fishing? Parachuting? Retail therapy? Let us know what you’d like to try and we’ll make all the arrangements for these excursions for you.

Dreaming On Catamaran Sailboat Charters

Home Sweet Second Home. Charter Dreaming On.

As guests enter this airy and open luxury catamaran sailboat they will notice all the enticing amenities, inside as well as outside, immediately giving everyone a feeling of being in a comfortable second home – that floats!

A second home that comes with a personal chef, cleaning staff, and a boat director with a long list of activities that are fun for everyone on and off board!

Dreaming On Crewed Catamaran Charter

You’re going to really like the delicious foods that Iza will be creating for you in her kitchen -like the Coconut Prawns with Spicy Mango Relish that will knock the sandals right off your feet! Among Captain Geoff’s list of many talents is being a master mixologist and his skills in making alcoholic and non-alcoholic tropical drinks will dazzle you. From Virgin Mary’s and Daiquiris to the famous Painkiller and the ‘hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you’ hangover cure that is colorfully named the Corpse Reviver.

Dreaming On Catamaran sailing charters in the BVIs.

Quiet, Romantic Dining

For parents wanting a little alone time, they’ll look after and entertain your children while you’re off sharing a romantic dinner at onshore restaurant, enjoying a few adult beverages at the Soggy Bottom Bar while listening to a local reggae band or going for a much anticipated walk on a deserted beach where the only light comes from the full  moon.

What fun activities can you expect?

While cruising the trampolines offer a spectacular front row view of seemingly endless turquoise blue waters with loads of space for sunning and relaxing space. And let’s not forget the double hammock which is a favorite for kids of all ages.

Dreaming On Luxury Sailing Catamaran Yacht Charters

Everyday dawns with expectations of snorkeling, fishing, beach-combing, exploring uninhabited islands and caves, looking for buried treasures, island cruising and lots of fun in the sun. Yes, there are TVs and DVD players on board, but generally the kids are so exhausted from having fun that they’ll forgo the electronic distractions and hit the beds soon after dinner to rest up for the next day’s adventure.

Caribbean Catamaran Charters by Dreaming On

I wanna do that, too!

Here’s a partial list of the water playthings on the catamaran Dreaming On:

  • 13′ tender with a 30 hp motor
  • windsurf board
  • stand-up paddle board
  • inflatable island lounge
  • fishing gear
  • wake and knee-boards
  • kayaks; snorkel gear; water skiis

Something special you read about and would like to do? Have a special event to celebrate such as an anniversary, graduation or birthday? Just tell the crew and they’ll make arrangements just for for you.

Another one of the great reason to charter the catamaran ‘Dreaming On‘ is that while you are having fun, they will do their very best to record your adventure.  With their Canon EOS 60D camera and Gopro Hero 3 underwater camera they will create a collage of still shots and video as a keepsake of your catamaran sailing charter vacation. This family vacation will be one that you, friends and family will remember for a lifetime.

Dreaming On Yacht Charters

Caribbean Catamaran Vacations

Dreaming On Catamaran | Crewed sailing charter

Want another reason to sail with Captain Geoff and Iza?  They will also create a personalized website for your trip.

All the photos, videos, itinerary and route map will be uploaded to a site plus links to the interesting places that you visited along the way.  You will even be able to add your own photos and videos you took while on your charter vacation so you can share your memories with your friends and family.

Ready for your own British Virgin Islands Catamaran Charter?  Experience the ultimate luxury vacation on board a private yacht. What ever type of Caribbean yacht charter you are after we can accommodate your desires.

For additional information or to book your vacation in Paradise call us on 800-478-2029.

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