BVI Charters – Top 5 Water Sports

Here’s a short list of 5 fun water sports to try when you are on your charter vacation:

1) Motor Yacht Charter Snorkeling:

Experience the ultimate luxury vacation onboard a private crewed yacht charter.

Snorkeling on a BVI Charter

In the warm buoyant waters of the British Virgin Islands, snorkeling is an easy sport to pick up, and its so easy that no lessons needed. You can rent masks and fins from dive shops on the islands, and many guest villas and resorts include snorkeling gear as part of the stay. Where to snorkel?

Right off the beach is a good place for beginners. Prime snorkeling on Tortola is located at Smuggler’s Cove and Brewer’s Bay on the west end of the island. The Baths on Virgin Gorda are considered a must, even young children will enjoy peering at the teeming sea life amidst the boulders and protected pools of water. The Coulequan Barrier Reef off the Bitter End Yacht club out shines them all as it is so beautiful and filled with rainbow colored fish going about their lives in an underwater wonderland.

Tortola Yacht Charters

Blue Tang

A motor yacht charter just doesn’t seem complete without a snorkeling adventure and taking a full-day trip to some of the outer islands is highly recommended. Many popular day charter vessels offer trips to the Caves and the Indians at Norman Island – two excellent reef locations known for their abundance of Parrot Fish, Blue Tang and even the occasional curious barracuda.

Jost Van Dyke is a great location with its many small cays and coves as are Green Cay and Sandy Spit are also very popular snorkeling areas. If you have the time try Loblolly Bay on the north shore of Anegada it can be easily reached by ferry or plane.

2) Popular Motor Yacht Diving Mecca – the RMS Rhone.

Certainly the most famous of all BVI dive sites is the wreck of the RMS Rhone. This historic shipwreck met its fate on Oct. 29, 1867 and was a victim of a ferocious late season hurricane.  The 310-foot long, steel-hulled, steam-sailor was flung against Black Rock Point on Salt Island and even with its great size was no match for the fury of a tropical hurricane.

BVI Yacht Charters

RMS Rhone Wreck

This diving mecca enthralls and entices divers of all skill levels from beginners to the very  experienced. Many a newly minted certified diver has explored the bright stern section with its constant rush of fish buzzing here and there.  The more advanced divers can explore the deeper parts of the wreck, even entering and swimming through the bow section at 80 feet.

Below are a few other suggestions for divers of all skill levels. Here are some super duper scuba dive sites to consider as well: Angel Reef Norman Island, the famous Painted walls off Dead Chest have always been inspiring, Alice in wonderland off Ginger island is a must do dive spot. The Indians can also be a great snorkel spot and a scuba attraction.  Blonde Rock, Bronco Billie’s and Blue Chromis off of Cooper island have always had a special appeal to me.


luxury catamaran sailboat in the British Virgin Islands.

Kayaking in Paradise

Kayaking opportunities abound in the islands. The sport has become so popular that many yachts have perfect motor yacht charter kayaks as part of their sports gear when in anchorage. This is an ideal family outing as the skills needed are easy to learn with just a few basic instructions. From two-seater tandem ocean kayaks to small little “mangrove explorers”, there are kayaks to fit every size and type.

Trellis Bay Watersports Centre offers day and weekly rental packages and is a great jump off point to several islands, within a 45-minute paddle. If you are a bit nervous about exploring on your own, experienced kayak guides lead groups on a half- or full-day tour.
However your motor yacht charter kayaks are stored on board so guests can use them at their discretion, the ocean kayak has become a special toy needed when chartering.

The latest craze is a Motor yacht Paddleboard ( stand-up): A gentler cousin to surfing affectionately known by its acronym SUP, stand-up paddleboarding originated in Hawaii from surfing instructors who needed to stand on their boards to oversee their surfing initiates. Soon long paddles were developed to skim through the water and voila – a sport was born.

The paddle board is generally much longer than contemporary surfboards, averaging about 12 to 14 feet in length. Lightweight paddles made from a carbon/Kevlar mix are designed with a flexible extension to fit the height of the paddler. SUP is best performed in quiet bays and mangroves like those found around the bridge at Beef Island.

BVI Boat Charter

Windsurfing by Anna Langova

However, if you want to match your skill against some of the sport’s growing ranks of pros, the Highland Spring HIHO has now added stand-up paddle boarding to the competition. The motor yacht paddle board (stand-up) is now part and parcel to most charter yachts water toys, if your charter yacht does not have one we can get one rented for the week you are on vacation, well worth $180.

Motor yacht charter windsurfer:

This is a sport that attracts those who love to sail at great speeds. Many start off with a few cursory lessons at a water-sports center on the island and then quickly become addicted. Board Sailing BVI owner Jeremy Wright has even perfected a moving windsurfing model on the sand at his Trellis Bay location, which he insists will make you a pro in a few hours. An adventure sport loved by the young and old, windsurfing has spawned an annual international competition held in the BVI, which is now in its 29th year.

The Highland Spring HIHO is held the last week of June and attracts competitors who race around the islands. Sailboats serve as floating accommodations and are generally filled with not only racers but their family and friends. Islands serve as race point destinations and also the venue for evening celebrations. Sir Richard Branson, a windsurfing enthusiast, has kindly hosted several events on his private paradise, Necker Island. Visit for more information. Your motor yacht normally carries a windsurfer so get out there and have some fun.

Click this link to watch a great video on what you can expect on a motor yacht charter vacation

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