Specialized Yacht Charter Travel Agents

Specialized Yacht Charter Travel Agents

Yacht Charter Vacations

Yacht Charters in Paradise

There are travel professionals that specialize in working with high net worth individuals who turn to our company to assisting in plan and execute unique vacation and memorable experiences for their clients.

The yacht charter travel agent usually knows more than an agent that who is a generalist offering everything to every client and often comes with an attitude that ‘one glove fits all’. We know that people who are able to afford to indulge in a yacht charter vacation have higher expectations and have earned the right to expect from excellence in all aspects of their lives including taking luxury vacations.

BVI Boat Charter

A View from Above

Those luxury-oriented travel agents, whose clients are in the upper echelons come to us for ideas, answers and solutions for those seeking anything but an ordinary vacation experience. Anything-but-ordinary certainly includes planning a yacht charter for a week or two on board a luxurious catamaran sailboat or motor yacht in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mediterranean.

Of course, commissions generated as a result of a successful charter are shared by both of our companies in order to be rewarded for their efforts in creating a unique travel adventure for our clients.  It is our desire to work with travel professionals whose main goals are to make sure the clients are happy, satisfied and whose wants and desires are met to create memories for a lifetime. Having a tandem team of a travel agency and seasoned yacht charter professionals working to find the ultimate vacation experience is one sure way in making sure every aspect of your vacation is fun, relaxing and cherished!

How important is choosing the right yacht charter company for your luxury yacht vacation? It is vital to select the right yacht company team when planning your charter vacation. Using a yacht charter broker provides a full gambit of services at no cost to the clients as it is the owner of the yacht who pays the commissions.

Yacht Broker Companies

             Can’t Do This at Disney

General travel agents and travel writers seldom have the opportunity to gain first hand and detailed knowledge of Caribbean yacht charter locations. A select few are offered a free trip for 2 or 3 days, which means they get get a small sampling of what a complete yacht charter vacation can be like.

Often they are taken to see what are the general public’s view of what the ‘best spots’ are.  Too often it’s the more common places where the commercial cruise lines always take their multitudes. This limited understanding is the reason we recommend to our guests that they select a yacht charter specialist who has been a charter captain and has first hand experience of the islands to give the clients detailed information about the best anchorages, hidden away islands and secluded hideaways.

Professional yacht brokers work closely with the travel agents so that clients can get the maximum knowledge of where to go, when to go and what to do.  The yacht charter specialist that has been a captain for many years is the man or lady guests need to gravitate to. Local knowledge of Greece, The French Riviera, Bahamas and the Caribbean is vital to ensuring our guests experience the ultimate vacation on board a private yacht.

Private Yachts for BVI Charters

Interior of the Super Yacht Starship

An experienced yacht charter specialist will have first hand knowledge of the vessels themselves as well as the captain and crews. The professionals who has taken the time to attend the yacht broker and luxury yacht shows over the years, as well as those lucky enough to have been a charter captain, are going to be the most knowledgeable of the vessels.

Once the travel agent and the client have selected the best professional luxury yacht charter broker, they are on the path to making a magnificent experience absolutely brilliant.

Barrington-Hall BVI yacht charter brokers have been one of the top 3 independent booking brokers in North America for the past 8 years. This does not just happen by chance. Doing business with the cream of the travel agents and high net worth clients requires providing unbridled levels of service and attention to details and is paramount to our continued success and growth in this highly competitive industry.

Virgin Island Charters

Super Yacht Charters on The Excellence V

Making ourselves available to our guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week is unprecedented. We are always available for calls and a real person will answer the telephone. An excellent yacht charter broker does not have a message machine as it is important that our guests be able to get answers by reaching a real persona at all times.

As a mega power boat broker we specialize in booking charters for clients that are seeking luxury motor yachts in the lengths ranging from 100′ to 175′ and catamaran sailboats starting at 55′ running up to 105′. Catamarans are the smoothest of all vessels when it comes to motion on water. Its design eliminates rolling and creates a constant ‘flat’ surface from which you can enjoy your sailboat charter without any fear of getting seasick!

Power boat travel agents have untethered access to our videos, photos of interiors and exteriors of the various types and sizes of catamaran sailboats, super yachts and sailboats available in all the charter destinations around the world.

Boat Charter Virgin Islands

70′ Catamaran Sailboat ‘Aletheia’

Often times guests do not give a budget which makes it challenging as there are charters that range in costs from $20,000 to upwards of $300,000 per week. We rely heavily on our travel agent partners to assist in narrowing down the clients budget as well as where in the world they would like to go and sea.

When a new yacht charter client is looking ideas they sometimes start with a vague notion and can best be generalized as saying you want to buy a new car – talk about options! If the client tells you they are interested in a Bentley we’ll know not to show them a Buick.

It will certainly narrow down the options by getting and idea of the budget and it will help us to find the right luxury yachts for them to charter. The range they provide will help us determine what location and vessel we can suggest to them. As an example, a 70′ Caribbean catamaran sailing charter is significantly less expense than a mega yacht that can measure over 300 feet that cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. There  are magnificent entry level power boats like the 65′ classic motor yacht ‘Flame’, built in 1956 and accommodates 6 guests for $19,000 for an all-inclusive one week private charter. Whereas you might consider chartering the 178′ super yacht Starfire with


Mega Yacht ‘Starfire’ – Master Cabin

accommodations for us to 12 guests which starts at $288,000 per week.

To get the conversation rolling with your elite clients ask them a few of these questions: When was the last time you were able to see millions of stars and star dust splashed across the Milky Way? Can you imagine being 50 miles or more from man-made light and seeing the night sky illuminated by untold numbers of galaxies as the light from their billions of stars shine only for you?

Tortola Yacht ChartersOr, they might be interested in seeing a full moon as it rises above the horizon that  seems so close that they could reach out and touch it, ask them these: Can you image look downing into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as the moon illuminates the sea bottom so brightly that you can see your own shadow waving back at you?


Put a Smile on Your Face

We have several videos on what to your clients can expect on a luxurious charter vacation as well as virtual tours of the yachts interiors, interviews with the captain and staff and see sample cuisine beautifully presented. They can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Your Yacht Charter in Paradise is Waiting for You. Call your travel agent or to speak to a yacht broker call 800-478-2029.


About Luxury Motor Yacht and Catamaran Sailing Vacations

Andrew Buys has been assisting happy clients with their Fully Crewed Power Yachts and Catamaran Sailing Vacations Charter since 1995. Call Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. 800-478-2029 or visit on the web @ http://www.yachtsbhc.com and discover how much does it cost to charter a private luxury yacht.
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