Choosing Your Own Yacht For Charter Vacations

Choosing Your Own Yacht to Charter

yacht charters

Underwater Wonderlands

Are you interested in chartering your own private yacht for a luxurious family vacation in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Greece or perhaps the Mediterranean?

If so, we like you to know that there 1,000s of motor yachts and catamaran sailboats from which to choose. Start your search for the ultimate experience off on the right foot should include choosing which yacht chartering company you would like to work with. The right yacht charter broker knows what the best week of the year and the best week of each month are to schedule your yacht charter.  With ‘insider’ information guests can get access to the best boats and crews which will enhance the quality of any charter vacation experience.

British Virgin Islands Charter. Experience the ultimate luxury vacation onboard a private crewed yacht charter. What ever type of charter Caribbean you are after we can accommodate you.

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters

Did you know that you can pick a particular location and yacht to charter? Where do you get the local knowledge of Greece, The French Riviera, Bahamas and the Caribbean? Barrington-Hall BVI yacht charter brokers have been the 3rd largest independent booking brokers in North America for the past 8 years. Making ourselves available to guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week who can call us at 2 am or 8:00 pm distinguishes us and adds a level of comfort knowing that there is a problem solver who will answer the telephone.

The owners of our company, Andrew & Gaile Buys chartered and captained their own luxury catamaran sailboat in the British Virgin Islands. Beginning in 1990 they were the very first catamaran to offer charters in the BVI. They started their Caribbean yacht charter business after sailing across the Atlantic from their native South Africa. They can offer insights and share experiences with our clients to assist in choosing the best vessels and destinations.

Motor Yacht or Catamaran Sailboat

motor yacht charters

Super Yacht RM Elegant

When it comes to determining whether or not you ought to pick your own private
motoryacht or catamaran sailboat on your own there’s lots of individuals who wonder why not just charter a boat and drive it themselves? Of course there are a few downsides to doing so. While cheaper, the bareboat charter has many disadvantages (including having to cook and clean) versus an all-inclusive fully crewed yacht charters which includes a captain, a chef and a full time staff to serve your every need.

Yacht Charters

Caribbean Catamaran Charters

Perhaps, the greatest advantage to choosing a particular motor yacht is that you will be getting the yacht vacation of your dreams. In the event you have never chartered a yacht before or in the event you don’t think that it is possible for you to to do so again this is a perfect way to make sure that you have a unbelievable and memorable experience.

Another advantage to choosing the yacht that you would like to charter is the picking the size.  In the event you are traveling with a group of friends and family you will need to make sure that there is room for everyone. In fact, that is one of the many of reasons why people pick to charter their own private yacht,  in lieu of taking a traditional cruise, because there is less overcrowding. Why take a cruise and get a closet for a room and stand in line with 3,000 other people? Being able to pick your own yacht will enable to you make sure that there is personal space for everyone to be able to enjoy their vacation.

If you have never taken a private catamaran or yacht charter before then we suggest that you start out in the British Virgin Islands, no where else. There are very good reasons for this recommendation – location, location, location! A very big reason is that there are about 32 islands set in a rough circle that protects guests and crew from the open-ocean swell.

Caribbean Catamarans

Calm Waters? Always!

Look in the background of all BVI yacht pictures and you will see the water is smooth and calm. This is definitely not the place for surfing. Another wonderful point is that all the islands are within sight all the time as its a 25 mile by 5 mile wide stretch of calm, turquoise water paradise. Your next island can be just 45 minutes away or even less.

No location in the world is better to begin your luxury yacht charter experience.
We guarantee that this is where you, your family and friends will have a great vacation. Once you have 2 or 3 charters under your belt and have enjoyed all the out of the way anchorages it’ll be time to look at other locations where mother nature can display her best work.

USVI Charters

All-Inclusive Charters

Since these charters are ‘all inclusive’ the cost covers all the freshly prepared and scrumptious meals, water toys and activities and an endless supply of house wines and ship’s bar. The crew takes care of everything on the catamaran including all provisions, cleaning, laundry and cooking so there is nothing for you to worry or stress over.

Call 800-478-2029 or 954-720-0475 to book your yacht charter today. To visit us on the web Click Here.


About Luxury Motor Yacht and Catamaran Sailing Vacations

Andrew Buys has been assisting happy clients with their Fully Crewed Power Yachts and Catamaran Sailing Vacations Charter since 1995. Call Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. 800-478-2029 or visit on the web @ and discover how much does it cost to charter a private luxury yacht.
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