Chartering a Yacht? The Benefits of Working with Established Yacht Broker.

Chartering a Yacht?

The Benefits of Choosing an Established Yacht Broker.

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Have you thought about what it would be like to charter a private yacht? Whether you are doing so for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a party with friends or a honeymoon, you might want to consider the quality and reliability of the yacht itself and the yacht charter specialist with whom you may choose to work with.

After all, you will actually be entrusting your vacation time and hard-earned monies to that private yacht chartering company you’ve selected to do business with. That is why it is well advised that you select an established company with 10 years or more of experience that is highly recommended.

Working with a company whose full time business is chartering yachts gives you tremendous advantages including having the experience of having that has arranged thousands of successful yacht charters. Additionally, having built up trust & relationships over the years with the yacht owners, captains & crews you can rest assured that if by chance there are any issues, you, the client has a team dedicated to solving them immediately.

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Most professional yacht broker companies belong to a yacht charter association and Barrington-Hall belongs to the FYBA – the Florida Yacht Brokers Association and MYBA – the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association.

Additionally, we also belong to the Better Business Bureau and have for over 15 years. Being part of a professional yacht charter association means we do business the right way and our financial structure is solid.  Your magnificent charter requires meticulous planning by people who belong to these associations.

Doing business the good old fashioned way how we manage our company, we know that the customer is number one. Your being able to reach an experienced staff member 14 hours a day is vital to serving guests. In support of this dedication of superior customer service, 18 years ago we banned voice machines. Your call will be answered by a live person to illustrate to our clients that the statement “your call is important to us.

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Of the many benefits to doing business with an established yacht chartering company is that know you that your money will be safe as it will be placed in an escrow account. Doing business with an established yacht broker can give you a feeling of comfort and security to know you are in good hands before, during and after the charter.

In addition to security, safety is another benefit to doing business with an established yacht chartering company. While it is important to note that accidents rarely happen on a yacht charter, sometimes they do but the risks are even lower when yacht professionals, including the captain and crew and yacht charter specialists are involved. It is advisable that trip insurance is purchased in the event ‘life happens’ and interrupts the best laid plans including interference from weather.

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Speaking of security, it is another of the plenty of other benefits to doing business with an established yacht charter company. Although yacht chartering scams are rare, they do exist. While these types of scams do come in a variety of different formats, it is not unusual to listen to of a scam that involves guests chartering their yachts directly with companies overseas only to arrive expecting to start their charter and find there’s no boat or captain waiting for them.

I know of a couple that arrived in Greece to find their yacht dry docked with a notice that the boat was seized before it was used in human trafficking.  Not only did they not go on a yacht charter they lost all their money, too.

As you can see, there’s a selection of benefits to doing business with an established private yacht chartering company. In all honesty, you can pick whichever company you want. However, when doing so, it is first important that you do a tiny little bit of research, if your yacht chartering company is new or comparatively unheard of you may want to consider continuing your search.

Hiring a Yacht Broker will make your vacation great!

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The more knowledgeable and experienced your yacht broker is the better your vacation in paradise will be. Not all brokers are made from the same cloth and just about anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a yacht professional can propose to secure your yacht charter for you.  Order takers aren’t good to you.

Choosing to work with an established yacht broker to assist you in selecting the right catamaran or motor yacht for your charter will assure you of getting the right information to enable you to have the best luxury yacht vacation available.

Let us give you ideas on how to enhance your vacation by selecting the best week of each month, how to select the best week of the year, why to book a specific yacht and crew team and what to consider while deciding on a specific location for a particular time of year. Chartering private crewed yachts worldwide is our passion.

British Virgin Islands Charter. Experience the ultimate luxury vacation onboard a private crewed yacht charter. What ever type of charter Caribbean you are after we can accommodate you.

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters

A private motor yacht will be of the most adventure filled, yet relaxing holidays you may have in your lifetime. We have 1000s of luxury yachts available in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mediterranean, Greece & other exotic destinations including sailboats, super yachts and fly bridge catamarans.

Not sure where you’d like to go or you are not yet familiar with the best charter locations, then call Andrew at 800-478-2029 or (954) 720-0475 or e-mail us with all of your questions.  We’ll gladly assist!


About Luxury Motor Yacht and Catamaran Sailing Vacations

Andrew Buys has been assisting happy clients with their Fully Crewed Power Yachts and Catamaran Sailing Vacations Charter since 1995. Call Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. 800-478-2029 or visit on the web @ and discover how much does it cost to charter a private luxury yacht.
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